Online tools are the future

If you want to qualify prospects you need to offer then value in exchange for their information. It’s voluntary on their behalf so your value must be appealing.

One method is to digitise your knowledge, so you can provide insights at a scale. An example of this is our lead generation tool, Sales Recovery. This simple tool provides SMEs with a personalised task list that they can use to help them generate a steady stream of leads that convert well. 

We are also launching a tool that integrates into customer CRM systems that delivers high quality data that gives CMOs strategic insights into their competitive landsape. Register here to join the waiting list. 

If you have a lead generation applciation, like Sales Recovery, and you need a aprtner to help you design and build it then contact us. We’d be pleased to help.Contact

EW (Ellis Whittam Ltd) is part of the Lloyds Banking Group private equity investment portfolio, managed by LDC (Management) Ltd. 

Simon has systematically introduced a technology led, marketing rich, process which has improved every aspect of lead generation for EW. For any organisation embarking on a similar transformation, I would recommend Simon without hesitation.